This happy little bee lives in a garden in America. His name is Humble Bumble Bee. His favorite flower is the daisy. He is very fat! We don’t know what he eats but we know he likes reading. For exercise, he flys up high, sees a nice bouncy flower and drops down onto it shouting “crush, crush!” His favorite color is yellow (of course!) and he likes the outside more than the inside. He hates it when people go at his hive. He likes to listen to music and especially likes the songs of Justin Beaver. He has tried, but never been able to fly backwards or upside down. Sometimes he’s so tired and so fat he can’t fly so he falls down to the ground. If you see a bee on the ground, it might be Humble Bumble Bee so please don’t hurt him. Oh, and don’t let your dog eats bees - unless you want them to have big, fat, puffy faces!